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How much can I customize my home?

If you decide on a custom prefab home, virtually all the same options exist as with a standard site built home. Customization includes selecting interior and exterior finishes, appliances, and fixtures. These elements all have associated costs that we will discuss with you. For pre-designed plans such as the Skyline Series, we offer a range of finishes from which you can choose.

Can I order the home without cabinets?

No, we do not offer the option to purchase a prefab home without the cabinetry installed. The cabinets are integral to both the design and fabrication process and appliances and electrical and plumbing fixtures must be coordinated with the cabinetry. We want to ship you a home that is complete, so we require that we complete this work in our factory.

Can I purchase and install my own appliances?

Appliances have specific size, gas, plumbing, and electrical requirements which vary between models and brands. We have designed our cabinetry around the requirements of the appliances we offer. However, we do allow you to choose appliances other than the ones that we have specified, but we will still need to purchase and install them in conjunction with the modules.